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Disks, partitions, volumes & file systems (as far as it concerns Microsoft's Operating Systems)

colortypeRAID levelavailabilityactionscomments
unallocated N/A all create new ... this is empty disk space, or a partition table / logical disk Windows can't cope with
primary partition N/A MBR & GPT up to 4 on an MBR-disk, up to 128 on a GPT-disk
extended partition N/A MBR only 1 per drive, contains logical drives
free space N/A MBR only? new volume inside an extended partition only?
logical drive N/A MBR inside an extended partition only
simple volume N/A dynamic add mirror, extend volume
spanned volume RAID-0 (JBOD) dynamic extend volume
striped volume RAID-0 dynamic
mirrored volume RAID-1 dynamic remove mirror, break mirror available only in Windows Server
RAID-5 volume RAID-5 dynamic available only in Windows Server